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DermLite Dermatoscope FOTO II Pro
DermLite Dermatoscope FOTO II Pro
DermLite Dermatoscope FOTO II Pro
DermLite Dermatoscope FOTO II Pro
  • SKU: ITM01956

DermLite Dermatoscope FOTO II Pro

RM8,089.80 MYR

The all-new Foto II Pro dermoscopy lens has been designed for those who wish to capture the highest-quality dermoscopic images using any 2/3 frame or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR.

Featuring polarized and non-polarized illumination, a 6-element lens design for superior resolution, zoom, camera-controlled automatic polarization change, Foto II Pro is the go-to device for situations where only the best dermoscopic image quality will suffice.

Just like other SLR lenses, Foto II Pro attaches to your camera via Canon’s EF/EF-S standard bayonet or Nikon’s F-Mount connection, and an adapter for each camera brand is included. Activate the unit by simply pushing the power button, and a ring of bright-white LEDs–powered by two extremely powerful, on-board lithium-polymer batteries–illuminate a field of view that can range from as small as 9 mm for typical lesions to 20 mm in diameter (image frame height) for larger sites, depending on the camera used. Tap the button to toggle between polarized and non-polarized modes or simply attach the included flash cable to do this automatically after each image.

Take your dermoscopy to the next level and move up to the all-new Foto II Pro dermoscopy lens.

Foto II Pro (Model No. DLF2-PRO) is supplied with a charger, flash cable, and Nikon F-Mount & Canon EF/EF-S adapter rings with protective cap.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester