One Pound Fat Replica

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One-Pound Fat Replica

Anatomical Chart Company NUTRITION Model

A grossly dramatic three-dimensional visual replica of 1 lb of human fat is a shocking but strongly motivating attention-getter. The model shows the vast network of blood vessels needed to maintain additional fat. It dramatically visualizes the important and motivating fact that "every extra pound of fat requires an additional mile of blood vessels." The replica represents approximate volume of real fat tissue; weights vary. Please note this model is a replica that is intended to be used for dramatic effect and not for comparison of fat density and volume vs. muscle density and volume. Made of pliable, long-lasting Life /Form plastic
Made in USAAlso available 5 lb Fat replica WA4313For more information see the following charts: Understanding Your Weight
ISBN 9780781773225 Maintaining a Healthy Weight
ISBN 9781587794100 BMI and Waist Circumference
ISBN 9781781772273

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