Shoulder Joint with Detachable Ligaments

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Shoulder Joint with Detachable Ligaments

Anatomical Chart Company ORTHOPAEDICS Model

A fully functional, life-size model of the right shoulder with flexible and detachable ligaments. Includes the shoulder girdle (shoulder blade and clavicle) with part of the upper arm.Includes sections of the joint capsule and the following ligaments:coracoacromial ligamentcoracohumeral ligament transverse ligament of the scapula The main movements of the shoulder joint, such as anteversion, retroversion, outer and inner rotation and abduction can be demonstrated. Includes stand may be removed from stand.Size:7 x 7 x 7Made in Germany by Erler-ZimmerFor more information see: The Shoulder and Elbow chart
ISBN 9781587797552 The Ligaments of the Joints chart
ISBN 9781587794674

Dimensions - 7 x 7