The Best Continence Products Available Today

The Best Continence Products Available Today

Patrick Tigue

Patrick Tigue

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February 28, 2022

The difference between good and bad continence products can have a surprisingly large impact. Influencing the health, comfort, dignity and mobility of patients and healthcare staff alike, it is of vital importance that the continence products you use are safe, comfortable and secure. 

However, there can be a lot of variation in what constitutes the right continence product, as the needs of their users can change drastically between locations and times of day.  In order to help you develop the right system for your patients or for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the best continence supplies on the market. 


ConvaTec Suction Unit Consumables Yankauer Suction Catheters

Creating the right urine collection system starts with finding the right catheter. Medshop offers a range of catheters, designed with comfort, security and safety in mind. These include:

Yankauer Suction Catheters

Yankauer Suction Catheters have been designed with comfort and ease of use as their highest priority. They are moulded from a single piece of glass in order to mitigate the risk of shattering, and are fully transparent; making it easy to monitor the motion of fluids. Its suction tip has a smooth and grooved form to minimise tissue trauma, and its graduated nipple makes it compatible with a wide range of tubing types. 

MDevice Hydrophilic Coated Nelaton Catheter 

The MDevice Hydrophilic Coated Nelaton Catheter range has been designed to offer the maximum possible comfort to its users. The hydrophilic coating attracts sterile solutions, allowing it to stay well lubricated between insertion, use and extraction. These catheters are also available in a range of colours for easier organisation. 

Incontinence Garments 

Abena 75-95cm Abena Abri-Fix

Incontinence garments have proven to be an essential innovation in the continence product industry. Offering independence of movement and dignity to those who struggle with incontinence, they not only offer practical benefits, but can also support patient wellbeing. 

The Abena Abri-Fix 

Abena Abri-Fix underwear has been designed to support a range of other continence products. They are designed specifically for men, featuring an open pocket in the front to allow for product readjustment, and are tailored to provide security against leakage. Moreover, they are made from a lightweight cotton material, allowing the skin to breathe, and moisture to naturally wick away. 

Abena Man Formula 2 

The Abena Man Formula 2 is a powerful and versatile pad which offers its wearers a combination of mobility and security. The top dry layer quickly absorbs liquid and leaves a dry surface next to the skin, minimising potential discomfort. To this end, they also include Air Plus backing, which allows the skin to breathe and reduces the risk of skin irritation. 

Bambo Eco Nature Pull-Ups 

Whilst this list primarily focuses on the best adult continence products, it is worth mentioning the Bambo Eco Nature Pull-Up Pants Nappies.

These award-winning eco nappies are ultra-thin, yet super absorbent, offering full protection from leaks and spills whilst supporting your baby’s comfort and mobility. They also have excellent environmental credentials. As they are made in a production facility which effectively recycles 95% of its produce, these are one of the most eco-friendly continence options on the market. 

Abri Form Premium

The Abri Form Premium range includes a wide variety of continence products developed to provide an all-in-one solution for users suffering from moderate to heavy incontinence. They feature several unique elements, including a wetness indicator to facilitate effective changing, additional barriers for protection against leakage, and a special textile-like top and back-sheet to provide maximum comfort for the skin. They also feature a built-in odour control system for improved discretion. 

Urine Collection

Conveen Urine Catheters Conveen Optima Catheter Urisheath Length (8cm) Size 30mm

These options have been chosen for their ability to facilitate the safe and comfortable relief of patients. 

Conveen Optima Catheter Urisheath 

The Conveen Optima Catheter Urisheath is an award winning tool for discreet, safe and secure urine collection. Designed as the first stage of a male collection system, it can be used on the move in combination with a leg bag, or attached to a larger bedside system. Boasting a range of cutting-edge technology and well thought-through design, the Conveen Urisheath can be used all day with comfort, safety and discretion. 

Key amongst its features are the double grip strip and balanced adhesive, which allows it to stay firmly connected to the penis whilst in use, without causing irritation or pain on removal, and an anti-kink bellow to allow urine to move through quickly and easily. 

BD Vacutainer Urine Collection Cup 

The  BD Vacutainer Urine Collection Cup  is an effective and versatile urine collection staple for the end of your system. The cup is compatible with a wide range of catheter heads, and is designed with a closed system to prevent spillage. 

BD Vacutainer Urine Tubes

As well as their collection cup, BD offer a range of other Vacutainer Urine Productsspecifically focusing on collection tubes. 

They feature a non-mercuric preservative which helps to maintain specimen quality for 72 hours without refrigeration, whilst simultaneously reducing mercurial waste from hospitals. 

Paediatric Urine Collection Bags 

These Paediatric Urine Collection Bags are simply and easily designed to help collect urine samples in paediatric settings. These small-capacity bags are sterile, well sealed, and latex free, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Urine Drainage Bags 

MDevice By Multigate Drainage Bags MDevice Urine Bag - 2000mL

These options have a variety of capacities and probabilities, offering support overnight and on the go. 

MDevice Urine Bag 

The MDevice Urine Bag is a high-capacity bag, offering an ideal option for overnight urine collection and storage. Featuring a 2000ml capacity, and compatibility with a range of catheter types, the MDevice Urine bag can be reliably used in any situation where mobility is not a priority. It’s also available with a range of valve sizes between 90cm and 120cm. 

MDevice Leg Bag 

The MDevice Leg Bag offers a range of portable urine drainage options. It comes in 350ml, 500ml and 750ml capacity variations, with several different tube lengths as well. It comes equipped with a comfortable leg strap, and separate tubes for fluid ingress and egress. 


Abena Abena Continence Pad Storage Unit

These accessories have been chosen to accompany our selection of the best adult continence supplies in order to help create fluid, effective and intuitive systems which are safe and easy to maintain. 

Abena Continence Pad Storage Unit 

The Abena Continence Pad Storage Unit offers a practical way to store and organise your continence pads, making them ideal for hospitals, care-homes, or the homes of regular users. It has 100x30cm of storage space,which are divided into morning, afternoon and night containers for easy refilling and organisation. 

Abena Clothing Protector 

The Abena Clothing Protector is a disposable adult bib, which can be used by anyone who wants to protect their clothing from spillage. It comes with an absorbent surface, and a water-proofed back sheet, allowing the wearer to stay dry and clean when handling urine containers. 

Simpla Urine Bag Hanger 

The Simpla Urine Bag Hanger is a lightweight, portable and easily stowable device for supporting urine bags. Its flat pack and lightweight design means that it can fit behind doors and in cars with ease, and is therefore a valuable component in static urine collection systems. 

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, we have plenty of other continence products available at Medshop. For more information on our specialist medical equipment, check out our Medshop Blog, or checkout our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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