Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes of 2021

Top 10 Best Nursing Shoes of 2021

Patrick Tigue

Patrick Tigue

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July 15, 2021


With designs, materials and price points constantly improving, there are always plenty of new and exciting options to choose from in the world of nursing shoes. From classic leather clogs to professional athletic-style shoes, and moulded EVA sandals to ultralight crocs, our 2021 collection has something for everyone.

As all nurses will know, selecting the right shoes is incredibly important. After all, the more comfortable your feet are, the easier it is to focus on your patients and carry out your job to the highest possible standard. What’s more, if you have well-fitting, affordable footwear, you’re more likely to feel energised and happy, even after a long, busy day at work.

To help you find the best nursing shoes to wear for your next shift, and discover once and for all what the best nursing shoes are for different specialities, we’re taking a look at the 10 best nursing shoes for 2021.


1. Best Classic Nursing Shoes: Sanita Open Heel Clogs

Classic Sanita open heel nursing clogs offer busy nurses comfort, support and practicality. One of the best brands of nursing shoes available, Sanita has been handcrafting its high quality professional footwear in Europe for well over 100 years.

These open heel clogs are made from highly durable leather and treated with a Permair microporous finish. This allows the feet to breathe naturally while protecting shoes from scratches, scuffs and stains. The slip resistant, shock absorbing PU outsole and anatomic footbed ensure the clogs are comfortable throughout the day while the specialist design helps to relieve pressure on your legs, feet and back.

Ideal for nurses looking for reliable, all-round footwear, Sanita open heel clogs are a great choice for 2021.


2. Best Nurses Shoes for Hot Weather: Oxypas Ultralite Classic Lisa ClogsOxypas Clogs 36 / Fuschia Oxypas Ultralite Classic Lisa Clogs


Working in hot countries, or in clinics and hospitals without air conditioning, can be difficult, especially for nurses who spend hours on their feet every single day. Investing in shoes that are lightweight and cool will help to keep you comfortable, even when the mercury is soaring outside.


Generally, the best shoes nurses wear in hot conditions are designed to maximise airflow, like these Oxypas Ultralite Classic Lisa Clogs. Made from flexible materials, and weighing less than 200 grams, the shoes feature a number of ventilation holes to help air circulate and keep you comfortable all day long.  


3. Best Lightweight Nursing Shoes: Crocs Classic Clogs


Crocs Classic Clogs are another great option for nurses looking for lightweight shoes. Made from fully molded Croslite™ material and featuring a number of ventilation holes, these shoes are light, breathable and water-friendly. Odour resistant, Crocs clogs are easy to clean and quick to dry. The roomy, generous fit makes them easy to change into and ensures they’re comfortable to wear in all conditions.


4. Best Nursing Shoe Brand for Value: Crocs Unisex Specialist Clogs


As all of the clogs and shoes in our collection are specially selected for their quality and durability, all offer excellent value for money, no matter which price bracket they fall into. If you’re looking for shoes to fit a tight budget, these Crocs Unisex Specialist Clogs are a fantastic choice.

Affordable, comfortable and made from long lasting materials, the clogs offer enhanced arch support, a thicker metatarsal area and contoured footbeds. The simple, hygienic design makes the shoes easy to clean at the end of a busy shift, while their classic Crocs comfort means they’re suitable for nurses working long days on busy hospital wards.


5. Best Nursing Shoes for Clinicals: Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoe


Nurses working in clinical settings generally require shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and stylish. Maintaining a professional appearance is often important in clinics and other medical settings, making these Sanita Wave Professional Knit Shoes the perfect choice. 

Smart, comfortable and designed for professional use, they feature a super lightweight design, anti-slip sole, and a wide, comfortable fit. Like Sanita clogs, these knit shoes help to train the foot and leg muscles in order to relieve cramps and take the pressure off of your legs and feet. Machine washable, Sanita knit shoes are hygienic and easy to keep clean.


6. Best Nursing Shoes for Back Support: Sanita San Flex Clog Closed Heel

With many nurses spending hours on their feet every single day, back support is incredibly important. These professional closed heel clogs from Sanita feature a specialist design that stimulates the muscles in the feet and legs in order to activate the venous valve. This helps to reduce pressure and swelling in your legs and back and prevent cramps.


As well as helping to support your back and make working life more comfortable, the clogs have a generous fit, padded instep and slip resistant, shock absorbing PU outsole. Breathable and durable, they’re accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and hand crafted in Europe.


7. Best Nursing Shoes for Hygiene: Oxypas Eva Nursing Clog


Most specialist nursing shoes are designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. If you want to make sure your footwear can be sanitised at the end of the day, these Oxypas EVA Nursing Clogs are ideal. Finished with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mould treatment, they can be washed up to 50˚C and sterilised using either chemical or UV processes.


8. Best Nursing Shoes for Style: Infinity FLOW Footwear Women's Athletic Black

Cherokee Shoes 10 Infinity FLOW Footwear Women's Athletic Black 

If you need nursing shoes that can be worn both in a hospital setting and out and about, Infinity FLOW Women’s Athletic black shoes are a great option. Comfortable, slip resistant and designed with hospital settings in mind, they won’t look out of place worn on the street or to social occasions. The breathable, latex-free insole is designed to help support the arch of the foot while the cupped heel will provide all day support.


9. Best Shoes for Paediatric Nurses: Sanita ShoutOut Clog Open Heel


These fun, colourful clogs are perfect for nurses who work with children. Helping to brighten up the paediatric ward and put patients at ease, they come in a choice of colours and designs.


As well as their unique look, these comfortable clogs offer classic Sanita features like a slip resistant, shock absorbing PU outer-sole, leg and foot support and a water-resistant finish. Made from genuine leather, they’re guaranteed to be durable and hard wearing as well as eye-catching.


10. Best Nursing Shoes for Reviews: Sanita San Flex Clog Open Heel Strap

When buying new nursing shoes, it’s always worth looking at reviews to find out what other people think of the options on offer. One of the most popular designs in our collection is the Sanita San Flex Clog with open heel strap. Receiving regular 5-star reviews, the clogs are praised for their comfort and durability, as well as their great value.

The medium width fit ensures the clogs are comfortable, while their pressure-relieving design will help to prevent cramps and reduce swelling in your feet and legs. Like all Sanita clogs, these shoes are hand crafted in Europe and accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

With 2021 well underway, now is the perfect time to invest in some new nursing shoes to see you through the year. Find out more, and start shopping for your perfect pair of clogs or shoes on the Medshop Malaysia store. 

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