DermLite Dermatoscope DL1

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Dermlite DL1 - Smartphone Dermoscopy

One of the several reasons why the very first DermLite was such a remarkable alternative is its durability and flexibility. There was nothing even came near to its streamlined, in-the-palm-of-your-hand footprint. Now, over a decade later, it's time to incorporate the innovations which produce the top notch DermLite devices so suitable right into a digital dermoscopy alternative made for the smartphone as well as iPad.

To achieve this feat, the designers squeezed a superb, full-size 15 millimeter lens that is optimised for iPhone along with other smart phones and tablet computers, high-definition LED lighting plus a high performance rechargeable battery to the just innovative DL1, an all-aluminum layout smaller than the ring finger which allows you capture high-resolution pictures of exceptional sharpness and clarity from both polarized and non-polarized manners, with or without skin contact.

The DL1 dermatoscope battery can be recharged from any USB port and offer long illumination because of the LEDs.

Each set includes a DermLite DL1 dermatoscope with lithium-ion battery, snap-on polarized spacer, snap-on non-polarized spacer, snap-on polarized pocket clip, glass faceplate with 10mm scale, and a USB cable.

The all-new DL1. Highly compressed smartphone dermoscopy for iPhone and beyond.

  • About the size of a stick of gum

  • Takes superb images with your smartphone

  • May be used as a stand-alone dermatoscope

  • Clips to your shirt or your iPhone

  • Same lens size as the original DL100

  • Cross-polarized and non-polarized modes

  • Glass faceplate with 10 mm scale

  • Recharges from any Mac or PC, or via your Apple charger