Omron Standard Blood Pressure Cuffs

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Omron Standard Blood Pressure Cuffs

Designed to be used with Omron Blood Pressure Monitors, the standard cuffs are Latex free and available in a range of sizes.

Sizes Available:

  • Omron Small Cuff: 17 - 22cm
  • Omron Standard Cuff: 22 - 32cm
  • Omron Large Cuff: 32 - 42cm

How to Measure YourCuff Size:

To obtain accurate blood pressure readings it is important to use the correct size cuff. To measure the circumference of your arm use a cloth tape measure and place the tape midway between your elbow and shoulder and wrap the measure around the arm. Do not pull it too tight, just tight enough to prevent the tape sliding up or down your arm. Take note of the measurement in centimetres.