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Qlicksmart BladeFlask Scalpel Blade Removal System

Qlicksmart BladeFlask Scalpel Blade Removal System





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Qlicksmart BladeFlask Scalpel Blade Removal System

A simply safer way of removing blades. Remove, contain and dispose of blades without the unacceptable sharps injury rates of two-hand removal techniques involving fingers, forceps or re-sheathing.

Continue to use the best tool for your job

Most practitioners prefer the balance, weight and ergonomics of a reusable steel scalpel but removing used blades manually compromises staff safety. Flimsy disposable plastic scalpels are not the answer because they are harder to use, more dangerous and less cost-effective. The BladeFLASK simple 'push and click' blade removal solution for steel scalpels:

  • IMPROVES PATIENT SAFETY by enabling practitioners to use ergonomic precision steel scalpels
  • IMPROVES STAFF SAFETY by ensuring the used scalpel blade is removed with safe single handed technique and then safely contained until final disposal.

Remove and contain blades with one hand - push and click

BladeFLASK is secured by a reusable mounting bracket, which means you do not have to hold or brace the BladeFLASK when in use. The bracket enables the BladeFLASK to be positioned at point of use (wall, bench or trolley mounted), making single-hand blade removal, containment and disposal as simple as 'push and click'.

Minimise risks of injury and infection

Sharps injuries are a serious occupational hazard in healthcare settings. Scalpel cuts are not only more severe than needle stick injuries, they are also more likely to happen. The single-hand technique of removing blades minimizes your risk.

  • 8-11% of sharps injuries are caused by scalpel blades.
  • There are 662 scalpel injuries per 100,000 scalpel blades used, compared to 3.2 syringe and loose needle incidences per 100,000 disposable syringes and loose needles.3 Scalpel injury rates are 200 times higher than sharps injuries involving syringes.
  • These alarmingly common scalpel injuries cause pain, emotional distress, potentially fatal infections, and damage to digital nerves, arteries or tendons requiring microsurgery and extensive rehabilitation. BladeFLASK dramatically reduces the risk of scalpel blade injuries in the workplace.

Make compliance a practical reality

BladeFLASK ensures optimal safety based on speed and convenience for the end-user, ergonomic simplicity and passive, automatic and single-handed safety principles. By enabling practitioners to continue to use their preferred metal scalpel handles, the wall-mounted or bench-mounted BladeFLASK improves both patient care and staff safety.

BladeFLASK meets these essential safety standards:

  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard ''1910.1030''
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard ''AS/NZS 3825:1998''
  • CE compliant

Sharps container

BladeFLASK is a puncture proof sharps container. When it is full, the BladeFLASK can be disposed safely without any further exposure to sharps contact. It conforms with the following regulatory requirements:

  • UN Transport UN3921
  • British Standard BS7320:1990

Auto shut-off

BladeFLASK has a built-in counter with a shut-off mechanism that activates automatically after 100 blades have been removed. There is no danger of overfilling.

Not just effective, it is cost effective

This essential safety solution ensures regulatory compliance, dramatically reduces injury costs, and is significantly cheaper than disposable plastic scalpels.


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